Eco Lighting.

Eviva offer the latest in Led Lighting design and Installation technology to assist in cost savings and energy efficient performance in your premises. We can provide a full lighting design carried out by qualified lighting designers along with the submission demonstrating cost saving calculation and Return On Investment ROI.

LED Lighting Specialists

All lighting design is based upon he latest tried and tested LED Lighting Systems covering installations including industrial applications, Low Bay Lighting, High Bay Lighting, Office Lighting, Classroom Lighting and school lighting providing solutions for all aspects of Eco Friendly LED Lighting Systems.

Benefits of Eco Lighting
  • • Reduce energy costs.
  • • Long term benefits, when electricity prices rise, you will be ahead of the game.
  • • Reduce the Carbon Footprint.
  • • Tax reduction to to lower carbon emissions.
  • • Huge reduction in maintenance costs.
  • • Improve health & safety with better lighting efficiency.
Eco Industrial Lighting

Traditional Industrial lighting such as high bay, low bay and switch start fluorescent fittings are commonaly found within a vast amount of commercial and industrial buildings. Due to the type of control gear and lamp wattage, these fittings can be very inefficient regarding the amount of electricity they use. With the development of new technology the most cost effective way of reducing your energy bills considerably would be to use Eco Industrial Lighting technology which can have a return on investment (ROI) within as little as 2 years. As well as the amount of energy saving, the amount of maintenance is reduced dramatically saving you additional costs.

Watch our video to see actual savings.

The video below is a practical example we carried out for one of our customers which demonstrates how we are able to assist you to save money on rising energy costs.