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From the installation of a single outlet to a complete network system, upgrading or maintaining your network, Eviva Electrical & Data Services Ltd can undertake all types of data systems wiring installations within domestic, commercial and industrial premises.

  • Cat 5E UTP/FTP/STP
  • Cat 6 UTP/STP
  • Cat 7 STP
  • Coax
  • Fibre Optic

Structured cabling allows the majority of today’s Data networks to be distributed over a single infrastructure. With the arrival of IP Communications it is more vital now than ever that you have a platform which all of your applications can be built upon with confidence for future expansion.

At the heart of your IT system is the cabling infrastructure, this is the backbone that holds the whole system together. If the infrastructure is not up to a high standard, data may flow at a slower rate, information may get corrupted or lost and in a worst case scenario applications will simply not work.

An advantage of using Cat 5 and Cat 6 cabling is its ability to be connected to the phone line. Both Cat 5 and Cat 6 adhere to a much higher quality than that of ordinary telephone cables and offer a much higher quality of signal and performance.

We can design and install patch panels and data rack systems – with all installations tested, commissioned and certified upon completion. We work with leading manufacturers including: MK, Farnell, Crabtree, RS and Newlec.

Instructing Eviva Electrical & Data Services Ltd to manage your data installations as well as the electrical installations will prove both financially and logistically beneficial.

Where required, we can work alongside nominated computer or telephone suppliers to ensure a thorough understanding and a professional level of co-operation exists to enable the installation to proceed to a smooth completion. We will ensure that the installation is completed in budget and on time with minimum disruption.

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